The Church Centre

The Church Centre is used for many Church-related and Social events, and it is also available for hire at modest cost.

It’s the ideal venue for that special occasion….wedding reception, party or meeting, for example. It has a well-equipped kitchen, and a licensed bar is available if required.

Regular lettings are also available at competitive rates.

As well as the main floor, there is a small area off the main floor to set up sound equipment, a small band etc.

social-centre-1024x232Further details are contained on the Booking Form, which you can obtain by clicking:  (needs Adobe Reader) or by visiting the Church Lobby. If you wish to make a booking, please check the date(s) with us first, and then print the form, complete it and return it to the Church together with the relevant deposit or payment. We will then finally check the arrangements and if all is well, confirm the booking.

For any further information please call or email – see Church Centre bookings & enquiries below.