Children & Young People

AT 10

Activities for ChildrenChildren and young people – we welcome you to join us at Church at 10am on Sundays:

  • Week 1 All age Family Service
  • Weeks 2,3,4 & 5 Children’s Group in the Church Centre: worship & activities before joining the adults in Church for the rest of the service
  • Weeks 2 & 4 Young People’s Group (Evangelists) in the Upper Room: worship & discussion before joining the adults in Church for the rest of the service

Starters Worship AreaStarters

  • We start our worship by lighting the candle and saying some short prayers.
  • We sing or listen to music and then we have the same Gospel reading that Father Richard reads in church, adapted for young children to understand and discuss.
  • Sometimes we play a game or have a craft activity. These may be displayed on our notice board or taken in to church.
  • We take our collection in to church and one of the children offers it at the altar, like the grown-ups do.


  • On Sundays 2 & 4 the young people (aged 12 – 18) meet in the upper room for their own worship.
  • They have interesting discussions to help them learn about and develop their faith.
  • There is a strong fellowship and the group plays an important role in our church family, taking part in the service as readers and servers and helping with social events.

We are always pleased to see new faces at both groups.