February 2019


How time flies! Here we are in 2019 – a year of great expectation for us as we look forward, hopefully, to the appointment of a new priest for our Parish. Our prayers must be for those involved in the interviews and selection of a priest who will be sympathetic to the vision of our Church and its congregation – so, please, do pray about it – every day. The Lord is listening.

As I write my letter so the press and media are full of the deliberations over BREXIT. No doubt, this is something else about which we will all have our expectations – although, with the current state prevailing in British politics I doubt these expectations will be “great”! Such a letter as this is addressed in as friendly a vein as possible, so I will refrain from any kind of comments as to what the outcome of this venture might become. By the time you are reading this the die may well be cast. Whatever the decisions made, there will still be much uncertainty and anxiety for many. So, again, prayer for all involved in guiding our nation in its relations with Europe and other nations is called for.

I sometimes think that we Christians are remiss in not engaging in the most powerful force at our disposal – that of prayer. There is a wonderful passage in the Gospel of St Luke that gives us Our Lord’s mandate to use prayer as a force for good. I commend it to you – Luke chapter 11, verses 5 – 13. Jesus encourages us to “Ask” that we may receive; to “Seek” that we may find; and to “Knock” that the door may be opened unto us. The teaching that follows is a potent stimulus for us to approach God in prayer, confident that He will use our prayers to bring about good. For, Jesus tells us, God wants to give us the Holy Spirit of Power, but He also wants us to feel of need for that Gift and to “get down on our knees” and humbly ask Him for it!

With every blessing in Christ,

Father Peter