Hello everyone.

It’s good to be able to speak to you again as it seems ages since I’ve had the opportunity to do so. I’m hoping that we are in the middle of pleasant summer sunshine but at the time of writing it’s cold and wet, not helping my back or my allotment at all.

Now what to say that will have something to say about our faith?

Last June had some great themes, Pentecost and the gift to us of the Holy Spirit, Trinity Sunday reminding us that it is Divine Love at the very heart of our faith and practice, and Corpus Christi, thanksgiving for the Body and Blood of Christ. At the very end of last month was the special day for many priests including myself, the feast of St. Peter and Paul Apostles, foundation stones of our world-wide faith and mission and a Feast Day on which many priests were ordained.

All of these days are reminders that we are all fellow-workers with our Lord Jesus and that when our new priest arrives together we shall grow positively in his wonderful faith.