December 2017 & January 2018


Dear Friends,

According to the Christmas song “Mistletoe and Wine,” made famous by Cliff Richard in 1988, Christmas is a “a time for giving, a time for getting, a time for forgiving and for forgetting.”

Yes, Christmas is about time doing all those things, and time spent with family and friends, but it is also about time itself. Much of the celebrations at this time of the year – Advent, Christmas and New Year – all focus on time.

During the season of Advent, Christians celebrate the coming of Jesus into the world, and look forward to the time he will come again in glory. The First Sunday of Advent is when a ‘new’ Church year begins and the Bible readings in church change. The story of God’s love for the world and his creation begins to be told all over again.

At Christmas we think of God – the creator of time – breaking into time in the person of Jesus Christ, becoming part of human history to save us. Sharing the life of his time-bound creation, by born as a baby in Bethlehem, the timeless God came to share time with us, so that may share life with him beyond time, in eternity.

The celebrations at New Year remind us that the earth has completed another rotation around the Sun, and begins the journey all over again. It’s not just a time to change the calendar, but a time to change bad habits and to have a new outlook on our lives.

Whether we are religious or not, these winter months of December and January make us more aware of time. We think about the past, present and future, and we think about the people we have shared time with. When we think about time, we realize how precious our time is here on earth – a time that will come to an end.

At this special time, may we make time to ponder things of eternity and the things of God.

A blessed and peaceful Christmas and New Year to you all.

Father Richard