October 2018


Saying farewell to Father Richard proved to be one of those “bitter-sweet” occasions so familiar to many of the partings of the ways we experience at different times in our lives. Inevitably, there was an element of sadness, as we engaged in this act of “letting go” of the priest who had served us faithfully over the past eight years. And yet, this was mixed with a real sense of joyfulness for him as he embarks upon a new journey in his life – an adventure of retirement in Spain. In this, we were able to wish him well with the assurance of our prayers and sending him off with our love.

As we look to the future we shall have two quite distinct challenges to face. The first is to pray for the provision of a new Parish Priest. We know this will be a lengthy process, but hope it will not be too long. So, patience will be the virtue we shall need in this respect. Do pray for those who are responsible for making this appointment.

The second challenge involves us all as we face up to, and deal with, the immediate needs in the on-going life of our Church and Parish. The major responsibility for this will fall on the Churchwardens and the Parochial Church Council, but there will be many ways in which all of us will be able to offer help and encouragement. How this works out will be up to us individually. Again, hold all this in your prayers.

There is no greater power at our disposal than prayer. We see this exemplified in the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Every moment of His life on earth – in situations both ordinary and crucial, He gives Himself to prayer. Like Him let us approach our own lives, and the present situation in our Christian fellowship, with prayerfulness.

With every blessing in Christ,

Father Peter