Saints Philip & James’ Churchyard, Up Hatherley

Our churchyard is governed by the Churchyard Regulations issued by the Diocese of Gloucester, that ensure the churchyard is a safe environment and continues to be a place of reverence and beauty for all. Inside the church you can find a copy of Churchyard Regulations (CR) applying to gravestones and memorials.

Maintenance of Burial & Interment Plots

What is allowed

  • Permanent vases are only those authorised (see CR page 3), and only fresh flowers (out of their wrappings), or cuttings from shrubs and bushes, may be placed in them.
  • Interment plots are enclosed by a band of paving. Vases should be placed on this and not on the grass, both to respect other plots and to facilitate the maintenance of the churchyard.
  • Small spring bulbs may be planted (from September to October), under the grass of a grave with minimal disturbance to the turf.
  • Poppies (or small wooden remembrance crosses) at the time of Remembrance Sunday. To be removed by 30 November.
  • Christmas wreaths of natural foliage are welcome from mid-December. To be removed by 31 January.

What is not allowed

  • No artificial flowers of any kind. The only exception to this is for poppies on Remembrance Sunday.
  • No trees, shrubs, or roses are allowed to be planted.
  • No individual gardens are permitted.
  • Items not allowed because they are dangerous, or interfere with grass cutting, or are out of keeping with the churchyard, include such items as: glass or other breakable or sharp items; chippings or gravel; pictures, portraits or photographs; statues or ornaments; lights (candles, solar or battery); birdbaths; kerbs, railings or chains; windmills, wind-chimes, cards, animal figures, angels, etc.

Memorials (head/gravestones) are the responsibility of the person(s) who paid for them and after those person(s) themselves have died, the heir(s) of the person commemorated. The PCC retains the right to remove anything from the churchyard which does not comply with these or other regulations. The cost of maintaining the churchyard is a major strain on our church finances. Any donations are greatly appreciated – please see the vicar or a churchwarden.