Church Matters


It’s nearly over!
Father Mark Catherall will be coming to us from the Parish of Saint Mark and Saint Peter ad Vincula, South Thornaby, North Yorkshire where he has been parish priest and incumbent for the past 15 years.

We welcome members of both Saints Philip and James and of Saint Mark and Saint Peter ad Vincula to join us for his Institution and Induction on September 30th at 7.00pm, along with members from North Thornaby Parish also.

In the meantime…
Until our new priest arrives the parish is entrusted into the hands of ‘Sequestrators,’ who ensure that services are maintained and that property is cared for during the vacancy. The churchwardens and  Area Dean are the usual Sequestrators.  The churchwardens make sure that no changes are made, so the church can be ‘handed-on’ to Fr Mark in the same order it was left.

For baptisms, weddings & funerals, the points of contact are the churchwardens, and other designated members of the congregation. In the first instance please contact the church by emailing or calling the church office 01242 570961.