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When a parish becomes ‘vacant’ (without a parish priest) it is said to be in an ‘interregnum’ – the word literally means ‘between-reigns.’ Until a new priest is appointed the parish is entrusted into the hands of ‘Sequestrators,’ who ensure that services are maintained and that property is cared for during the vacancy. The Churchwardens and the Area Dean are the usual Sequestrators.

22 June – Saint Alban

 Alban was a soldier and leading citizen of the Roman city of Verulamium (pronounced ‘Ver–ra–loom–ium’ – which is now modern-day Saint Albans in Hertfordshire), who was beheaded for his faith around the middle of the 3rd century.

According to tradition, Alban was converted to Christianity after offering shelter to a priest hiding from the Roman soldiers. When soldiers called at his house to arrest the priest, Alban wore the fugitive’s tunic and was arrested in his place, allowing the real priest to escape.

Legend has it that on day of his execution, the river at Verulamium dried up, and the executioner threw down his sword, converting to Christianity and chose to die with Alban. The stand-in executioner cut off Alban’s head, upon which his own eyes popped out of his head. Saint Alban became the first martyr of the British Isles, and is honoured as the patron saint of converts and victims of torture.


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